Auditioning Instrumentalists for Your Ministry

Here are a few hints on making the audition process non-threatening and productive… for you AND for the audtionee!!

  • I use a form which only I will see once the audition begins…prior to the audition I have my administrative assistant give them the form on a clipboard, and they complete their personal contact information…when they enter my office for the audition they give me the form.
  • Sit down in a relaxed manner FIRST with them, and let them tell you their musical background, and something about their family… let THEM talk, and you just guide the discussion.
  • I always ask “Tell me about your spiritual journey.” That doesn’t put words in their mouth, and as they share you can get a pretty good feel for where they are spiritually… be spiritually sensitive during this time… I have led folks to the Lord during this time.
    • Have them play something out of the book “Watkins Farnum Performance Scale”…it is graded etudes…if they can sight read play 5-6 they are a solid player…if they can sight-read 8-9 they are first chair quality
    • Have them play something out of the appropriate folder ..if I don’t have any idea of their ability level, I will use the 2nd part folder
    • You want to evaluate:
      • Tone quality
      • Range
      • Sight-reading ability
      • blendability
  • I make a note on my form concerning each of the above, and I have a place at the bottom of the form for SPECIAL NOTES…if they absolutely blow me away…if they are solo quality, if they need lessons before they are able to contribute, etc.
  • ALWAYS close in prayer with them
  • If you are a male auditioning a female or vice versa, ALWAYS leave your door open a couple of inches during the audition.
  • After they leave your office, pray for them, and pray for discernment on how best to utilize their abilities in your ministry.


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