Auditioning Vocalists for Choir or Praise Team

Here are a few hints on making the audition process non-threatening and productive… for you AND for the audtionee!!

  • I use a form which only I will see once the audition begins…prior to the audition I have my administrative assistant give them the form on a clipboard, and they complete their personal contact information…when they enter my office for the audition they give me the form.
  • Sit down in a relaxed manner FIRST with them, and let them tell you their musical background, and something about their family…let THEM talk, and you just guide the discussion
  • I always ask “Tell me about your spiritual journey.” That doesn’t put words in their mouth, and as they share you can get a pretty good feel for where they are spiritually… be spiritually sensitive during this time… I have led folks to the Lord during this time.
  • Have them sing something simple… I usually use AMAZING GRACE, which I accompany LIGHTLY on the piano… I want to hear THEM, not ME but I want to determine:
    • Voice quality
    • Ability to sing in tune
    • Ability to hold pitch with other parts being played
    • Range
  • I make a note on my form concerning each of the above, and I have a place at the bottom of the form for SPECIAL NOTES… if they absolutely blow me away… if they are solo quality, if they need voice lessons before they are able to contribute, etc.… If I am auditioning for CHOIR I am more apt to allow a struggling singer to be involved, and will seat them by a strong voice. If I am trying to fill a praise team spot I am much more selective…
  • ALWAYS close in prayer with them
  • If you are a male auditioning a female or vice versa, ALWAYS leave your door open a couple of inches during the audition.
  • After they leave your office, pray for them, and pray for discernment on how best to utilize their abilities in your ministry.

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