Music Ministry Appreciation Banquet

We require a LOT from our music ministry teams… weekly rehearsals, long hours on Sunday, seasonal rehearsals and performances, learning music at home… and one of the BEST ways to say “THANK YOU” is to host an annual appreciation banquet. Here are some thoughts to assist in facilitating this important event. BUDGET While it is […]

Music Ministry Choir Handbook

If you don’t already have a choir handbook here is a sample from Valley Baptist Church, Bakersfield, CA. A handbook clarifies policies and procedures, and keeps confusion to a minimum. Be sure to include membership information, service dress codes, officer information, service etiquette, rehearsal and service times and locations, and anything else which will be […]

Building a Ministry on Relationship

My friend and colleague Gary Mathena quotes this insightful statement: Don’t use people to build your program Use your program to build people. In a large church I once served, a choir member told me “The Minister of Music only likes me and speaks to me when I am useful to him… when I can […]

Letter to a Returning Choir Member

When a previous choir member returns following an extended absence, they need to be welcomed BACK, but do not need as extensive of a welcome as a NEW member. the following letter is designed for a RETURNING choir member, and can be adapted to suit your own needs and situation.     Dear ________, I […]

Auditioning Vocalists for Choir or Praise Team

Here are a few hints on making the audition process non-threatening and productive… for you AND for the audtionee!! I use a form which only I will see once the audition begins…prior to the audition I have my administrative assistant give them the form on a clipboard, and they complete their personal contact information…when they […]

Letters to New Choir Members

One of the challenges with new members is engaging them for the long haul… making sure that they continue to come to rehearsal after the first time or two.  In addition to connecting those new members with a veteran choir “partner”, consecutive notes from YOU over several weeks would give a steady flow of ideas, […]