Music Ministry Appreciation Banquet

We require a LOT from our music ministry teams… weekly rehearsals, long hours on Sunday, seasonal rehearsals and performances, learning music at home… and one of the BEST ways to say “THANK YOU” is to host an annual appreciation banquet. Here are some thoughts to assist in facilitating this important event. BUDGET While it is […]

Instrumental Music Ministry Handbook

If your instrumental ministry doesn’t have a handbook of policies and procedures, here is a possible template for your use. Notice that in addition to a welcome letter from the director, there are welcome/encouragement letters from both senior pastors. In your ensemble handbook, be sure to include all policies and procedures, rehearsal and service times […]

Building a Ministry on Relationship

My friend and colleague Gary Mathena quotes this insightful statement: Don’t use people to build your program Use your program to build people. In a large church I once served, a choir member told me “The Minister of Music only likes me and speaks to me when I am useful to him… when I can […]

Reading Bass Clef Parts for an Eb Treble Clef Instrument

A SKILL USEFUL FOR:  Alto Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, and Contrabass Clarinet, reading parts originally written for trombone, bassoon, cello, etc. STEP ONE:  Change the key signature – add three sharps and read as in treble clef NOTE: “Add three sharps,” can also mean to cancel some flats.  For instance, adding three sharps to the key […]

Auditioning Instrumentalists for Your Ministry

Here are a few hints on making the audition process non-threatening and productive… for you AND for the audtionee!! I use a form which only I will see once the audition begins…prior to the audition I have my administrative assistant give them the form on a clipboard, and they complete their personal contact information…when they […]

Downloadable Products Available

In the past, our products have only been available in hard copy. Primarily, the Brass Player’s Warm-Up and Practice Guide was shipped as a booklet with a CD accompaniment. However, when orders started coming in from Germany and other countries, we decided that it would make more sense to create a pdf from the sheet […]